Adult Swim Jr. is HERE, Patrick Star Show Theme Song, Big Chungus is Now Canon to Looney Tunes


April Fools Day 2021 came and went, but the memories are here to stay. Adult Swim baby-fied their shows, we got a special fan-made Patrick Star Show theme song, and Big Chungus has found his way into the Looney Tunes Universe. Wait, what?
0:00 Adult Swim Jr.
1:38 Cat-Toon Network
2:03 The Patrick Star Show Theme Song
2:16 Big Chungus
Cat-Toon Network setup:
Patrick's theme song:
Big Chungus in World of Mayhem:

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  • Vailskibum94
    Vailskibum9411 ditë më parë

    I never expected to mention Big Chungus in a video, but April Fools Day is a strange day...

  • Sunshine SpongeBob

    Sunshine SpongeBob

    4 ditë më parë

    Me too! There's like millions upon millions of cartoon rabbits in the cartoon universe already. And Big Chungus is like a rabbit version of Fat Albert, a sumo wrestler, Chunk/Captain Chunk from the Goonies, and Macho Man. 😰

  • Demon Dick

    Demon Dick

    6 ditë më parë

    Will they bring in the very canonically claimed sex offender bugs though?

  • Brenden Esguerra

    Brenden Esguerra

    8 ditë më parë

    @GA5_ MA5K The South Park characters are already KIDS, what are you talking about, aren't they kids already?

  • GA5_ MA5K

    GA5_ MA5K

    8 ditë më parë

    @Brenden Esguerra its been told that they are making a south park Where the characters are KIDS

  • Brenden Esguerra

    Brenden Esguerra

    8 ditë më parë

    Hey Dude, I Don't mean to be a bother, but Adult Swim Junior is Actually a Terrible Idea, Adult Swim Junior Cannot work, you know why, Because Adult Swim is called ADULT Swim for a reason, It's for ADULTS, they shouldn't make something kid friendly out of a programing block literally called ADULT Swim and market Adult Oriented programing for children, besides, what they did for Adult Swim Junior was weird and cringe, they've literally sugar coated all of their Adult themed programing for kids, this is the same thing 4Kids Entertainment did with One Piece and Dragonball Z Kai, and not only that, They've ruined Rick and Morty, Rick and Morty was a good show as is, and me and my older brother actually enjoyed it, but what they did with it for Adult Swim Junior ruined it, it's basically the same thing Cartoon Network Did with Teen Titans Go, Powerpuff Girls, BEN 10 and Thundercats Roar, and they also did the same thing with Aqua Teen Hunger Force, It Was Weird, Cringe, and Terrible, I Think Adult Swim and Cartoon Network have really gone too far, think about the censors, The FCC, and the Parents, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network have really crossed the line, Adult Swim Junior will not work, They simply can't Make Something kid friendly, and sugar coat Adult themed programing, and market shows from a programing block called ADULT Swim for children, what they did was weird and cringe, and They ruined Rick and Morty, I'm sorry, but Adult Swim can't happen, this can't go on, and it simply can't work, I Hope you Understand, since you're a Big ALbothr, and If this is just an April Fool's Joke, then it's gotta stay that way, that's how it should be, and Adult Swim should always be for Adults Only, I'm sorry if I sounded mean or threatening, I'm not trying to Bully You, you're a Big ALbothr, I just wanted to let it out and have you understand, that's all.

  • Damien Ray
    Damien Ray9 orë më parë

    Hehe chungus.🙂

  • that luxury car fan
    that luxury car fan10 orë më parë

    so they created a kid version of South park

  • ꧁MixelsFan1973꧂ ALT
    ꧁MixelsFan1973꧂ ALT12 orë më parë

    Chowder? Don't watch that, we got *meowder*

  • MindFRE5K
    MindFRE5KDitë më parë


  • somebody :l
    somebody :l2 ditë më parë

    0:33 I love this voice tho

  • Foxythepirate Fox7093
    Foxythepirate Fox70932 ditë më parë

    Big chungus I have not heard him in a while...

  • The Street Fighter
    The Street Fighter3 ditë më parë

    Patrick Star Show does not deserve hate!

  • Mr. Incredible
    Mr. Incredible3 ditë më parë

    2:10 No! SpongeBob don't do it!

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles3 ditë më parë

    when do i get into the patrick show?

  • Boomlings Gamer Slash
    Boomlings Gamer Slash3 ditë më parë

    We need Adult Swim Junior for real! I would want to see some other programs with that style!

  • Infected123YT
    Infected123YT3 ditë më parë

    1999: spongebob is cooking 2021: cooking in a pineapple is ilegall 3034: Grey Pineapples

  • Super Steven
    Super Steven4 ditë më parë

    Cat toon network

  • Thot Patrol Member 379
    Thot Patrol Member 3794 ditë më parë

    holesum 100 keanu chungus

  • Jaidan Thomas
    Jaidan Thomas5 ditë më parë

    Gossamer watching a sunrise however it goes horribly wrong 0:00

  • Andrew Wallach
    Andrew Wallach5 ditë më parë

    we both know aqua child hunger force is the most likely thing to become real, ITS HAD ALOT OF REVIVALS I BET ITS GOING TO GET MORE

  • Overwatch galaxy The cat
    Overwatch galaxy The cat5 ditë më parë

    Big Chungus for smash, change my mind

  • Travis Schmidt
    Travis Schmidt5 ditë më parë


  • Fat Penguin
    Fat Penguin5 ditë më parë

    we need the big chungus theme to play when ever you tap to play as him

  • Gacha_GG242
    Gacha_GG2425 ditë më parë

    *b i g c h u n g u s*

  • BigChinBois Animations
    BigChinBois Animations6 ditë më parë

    Man theses guys went all out for April fools

  • Media Network
    Media Network6 ditë më parë

    Dog Is Very, Very, Very Happy!

  • Plasma Vivid
    Plasma Vivid6 ditë më parë

    1000 comments bomb

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn6 ditë më parë

    DAMN IT I MISSED IT. Need to wait next year when I'm 14. Why does my birthday need to be April 1st? LOL

  • Joshua2750
    Joshua27506 ditë më parë

    Big Chungus in Smash?! Yeah okay....

  • Bait the whoosh
    Bait the whoosh6 ditë më parë

    This is very wholesome 100

  • Leon Lee
    Leon Lee6 ditë më parë

    Instead of Adult Swim Jr. I’m just gonna call it Swim

  • Georgie Pig
    Georgie Pig6 ditë më parë

    The patrick star show is a abomination that should never be a thing at all

  • Kiyoshi Scotty
    Kiyoshi Scotty6 ditë më parë

    Say big chungus but replace "big chun" with "amo"

  • Artex
    Artex6 ditë më parë

    Adult swim jr? Hmmmmmmmmm...

  • Renan Rasim
    Renan Rasim6 ditë më parë

    A cat toon networc version of ben 10

  • Renan Rasim
    Renan Rasim6 ditë më parë

    İ want a cat toon networc version

  • Medieval Walnut
    Medieval Walnut6 ditë më parë


  • gogitto omniking2
    gogitto omniking26 ditë më parë

    Big Chungus Lmao

  • not a redditor
    not a redditor6 ditë më parë


  • You Stabbed Me With A Fork
    You Stabbed Me With A Fork7 ditë më parë

    Chungus: Become Real

  • The pop Bois
    The pop Bois7 ditë më parë

    3:27 no

  • Moonboy0228
    Moonboy02287 ditë më parë


  • pyramid titan gaming
    pyramid titan gaming7 ditë më parë

    A fat bogs bunny

  • AlphaFaice
    AlphaFaice7 ditë më parë

    Damn, hearing the word JChase again makes me so happy!

  • pyramid titan gaming
    pyramid titan gaming7 ditë më parë

    Big big chungus

  • Bam Miller
    Bam Miller7 ditë më parë

    That should hold em alright, Hehehehe

  • CinnaBunny
    CinnaBunny7 ditë më parë

    Ok but what if as an april fool's joke big chungus actually did become a smash character for a limited time lol?

  • Donna Chisholm
    Donna Chisholm7 ditë më parë

    Y is baby ozmo from 12 Oz mouse so cute Ahhhhh

  • Fernandez Christopher
    Fernandez Christopher7 ditë më parë


  • Miu Iruma
    Miu Iruma7 ditë më parë

    Morty is a baby!

  • Knuckles8864
    Knuckles88647 ditë më parë

    I love Big Chungus's description box at 2:54 that just says "Anything and everything."

  • Skidmark Testicles
    Skidmark Testicles7 ditë më parë

    If there's an Adult Swim Jr, we need a Nickelodeon for adults.

  • Fanny The Minecraft Girl Strikes Back
    Fanny The Minecraft Girl Strikes Back7 ditë më parë

    Next Time Cat-Toon Network Arrives, Everyone Will Unleash Their Inner Dog.

  • Jervy Films
    Jervy Films7 ditë më parë

    i only came for big chungus

  • I am an obnoxious style savvy fan
    I am an obnoxious style savvy fan7 ditë më parë

    Pegasus probably approves of his lord being in that game

  • SneaX
    SneaX7 ditë më parë

    About a month after Big Chungus was a Meme, they showed the whole episode on the Warner Brothers Channel with Big Chungus in the title and on the thumbnail

  • T Lebron
    T Lebron7 ditë më parë

    3:05 Wrong Level... It’s the one on the bottom left corner...

  • Trey Zor
    Trey Zor7 ditë më parë

    The creator of the big chungus must be so proud of himself

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man8 ditë më parë

    is just me or does it sound like he hit puberty

  • A Random Idot
    A Random Idot8 ditë më parë

    They should apply cat-toon network perment to teen titans go because they would make it better like that

  • Nathan Zavala
    Nathan Zavala8 ditë më parë

    These guys put Zoot Suit Daffy in the game, course they'd do big chungus

  • show regular2
    show regular28 ditë më parë


  • Kolby Turner
    Kolby Turner8 ditë më parë

    I actually play the looney tunes game and I can agree that big chungus was the best addition ever

  • LinuxTheMan
    LinuxTheMan8 ditë më parë

    The changoose

  • Duck Man
    Duck Man8 ditë më parë

    Haven't watched this guy in years, dude finally hit puberty.

  • Jeffrey Kerrick
    Jeffrey Kerrick8 ditë më parë

    I don't remember a Adult Swim Jr. they should re title it to Kid's Swim would be a better name if they made it.

  • TF2 Scout
    TF2 Scout8 ditë më parë

    big big chungus big chungus big chungus

  • MarioMaster 101
    MarioMaster 1018 ditë më parë

    Doesn't adult swim jr ruin the point of adult swim?

  • Teagan The Dash Man
    Teagan The Dash Man8 ditë më parë

    He’s not gonna be in smash because Sakuri said no 4th party’s ever

  • Jaxan
    Jaxan8 ditë më parë

    imagine big chungus was in smash tho

  • Shady Singh
    Shady Singh8 ditë më parë

    Well the big chungus memes are coming back, I guess

  • JesseBoy
    JesseBoy8 ditë më parë

    Loony toons is insane

  • Angelo morgos
    Angelo morgos8 ditë më parë

    Teen swim

  • Mozzarella The rat
    Mozzarella The rat8 ditë më parë

    I didn’t know any of this cause I don’t have cable just Netflix and hulu

  • Joltachu
    Joltachu8 ditë më parë

    Big chungus

  • Angel The fox
    Angel The fox8 ditë më parë

    Well it’s confirmed we being invaded by memes

    ICOOLDIAMOND8 ditë më parë

    Big Chungus Moment

  • Bing Bulao
    Bing Bulao8 ditë më parë

    Wouldn't that be Bugs Bunny's ultimate form 2:55

  • Darramation 2008
    Darramation 20088 ditë më parë

    big big chungus

  • CRAZI Gaming and More
    CRAZI Gaming and More8 ditë më parë

    Big Chung for Smash

  • Cowdude
    Cowdude8 ditë më parë

    Big changoos

  • Light Fang
    Light Fang8 ditë më parë

    Imagine getting to be a Big Chungus main in Smash Ultimate

  • Henry Flores jr!
    Henry Flores jr!8 ditë më parë

    I wish a adult swim WAS ACUALLY made for kids! Not just a April fools joke!!

  • BiTrashBin
    BiTrashBin8 ditë më parë

    LMBOOOO "unnecessary spin-off contract"

  • ThynesToons
    ThynesToons8 ditë më parë

    I heard big chungus might also be in space jam 2

  • braindunkin
    braindunkin8 ditë më parë

    Big chungus for smash vote here now

  • Youhadabadday
    Youhadabadday8 ditë më parë

    Just like goddamn Trollface, Big Chungus has had new life breathed into him.

  • M O N I P E R 4 0
    M O N I P E R 4 08 ditë më parë

    yall think meat canyon’s bug’s is next?

  • Nathan Dog
    Nathan Dog8 ditë më parë

    I was thinking there would be Rick Astley and Morty

  • a random villager
    a random villager8 ditë më parë


  • Guriposa gaming
    Guriposa gaming8 ditë më parë

    why big chungus, why you leave?

  • Pump
    Pump8 ditë më parë


  • Vintendo
    Vintendo8 ditë më parë

    If I dont see big chungus in space jam 2, then imma lose it

  • ImPale
    ImPale8 ditë më parë

    I love how the big chungus description says “anything and everything”

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan8 ditë më parë

    My cat has the weight oF chungus

  • Astro PSI
    Astro PSI8 ditë më parë

    It feels weird to say big chungus is cannon

  • Alexander Dahms
    Alexander Dahms8 ditë më parë

    Big chgua in smahs cormoneid

  • Neil The Bastard!!
    Neil The Bastard!!8 ditë më parë

    It's the end of Spongebob Squarepants

  • C-64
    C-648 ditë më parë

    Wabbit season cannon confirmed

  • Ziad Atif
    Ziad Atif8 ditë më parë

    finally. my life is complete. i may rest now, for big chungus is finally in a game

  • Green-Eyed Psycho
    Green-Eyed Psycho8 ditë më parë

    Big chungus for smash

    GARBAG8 ditë më parë

    junior swim

  • EndFox
    EndFox8 ditë më parë

    If Big Chungus is canon then that means practically anything is possible now

  • A Temperamental Octopod
    A Temperamental Octopod8 ditë më parë

    Dokkan Battle (a DBZ mobile game) did something similar to World of Mayhem, where for April fools, they made Yamcha dead in a Crater, a Usable unit.

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