The New Rugrats Revival Looks Good, BUT...


Paramount+ gave us a first look at Rugrats 2021, the brand new revival for the classic Nickelodeon '90s hit! Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, and the rest of the gang are back for more in a CG style. While the show itself seems fine, there's a problem surrounding it that we should talk about.
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  • Vailskibum94
    Vailskibum94Muaj më parë

    now it feels like we went back in time to the 90s...but this time with CG 👀

  • Kristopher Jones

    Kristopher Jones

    29 ditë më parë

    I wanna see all grown up college version

  • Cave Dude

    Cave Dude

    Muaj më parë


  • Darkening Demise

    Darkening Demise

    Muaj më parë

    Looks like an early PS2 licensed game intro. Also glad Dil isn't there. 2 voice actors are not coming back too, such as Howard and Drew's voice actors.

  • XDUniverse08


    Muaj më parë

    @Cliffordlonghead Hi, it's me SMPA

  • Banned The Media

    Banned The Media

    Muaj më parë

    The CGI looks terrible look like game graphics

  • Loganator
    Loganator16 orë më parë

    Imagine.. S P L A T 3 D

  • Ryan Claffey
    Ryan Claffey3 ditë më parë

    I wonder what the theme song will look like...

  • Michael O'Keefe
    Michael O'Keefe3 ditë më parë

    Wake me up when they revive My Life as a Teenage Robot. I wanna see 3D Jenny!

  • james sixx
    james sixx7 ditë më parë

    i just don't like it being much rather they had gone the invader zim approach and pick up more or less in the same style it was left off in ..

  • jewelfewel
    jewelfewel10 ditë më parë

    As long as they include those adult humor moments between Stu and Drew I’m all for it

  • Patrick Conrad
    Patrick Conrad15 ditë më parë

    The cg is just too weird

  • TheWickedMerman
    TheWickedMerman16 ditë më parë

    I'm sorry, but the CGI is a MAJOR turn-off! Why must all 2D characters end up getting the 3D treatment. I mean, it worked in the Tinkerbell movies, Ralph Breaks the Internet with the 2D Disney characters, and I guess well enough in The Peanuts movie. However, with things like The Swan Princess movies, the Mickey Mouse characters, Winx Club, and THIS (Just to name a few) it SERIOUSLY doesn't work. They weren't designed for the medium and it shows, painfully so. Also, where the hell are Susie's full lips? Why could they just have a reboot where they continue where All Grown Up left off? Why not focus on them being in high school now or even in college? That would be something different and would at least justify its existence. Seeing them grow and considering we've known them since they were babies, it's like seeing our own children grow. Plus, we could actually have Tommy and Kimi get together, which is something the fans have been wanting for YEARS, especially since it was hinted at in All Grown Up. Also, keep the original 2D art style (Not to mention, don't lighten Susie's skin like they did in later seasons of All Grown Up. I prefer the designs of the characters in that season but I prefer the original color pallet).

  • The PokéStar
    The PokéStar16 ditë më parë

    Nickelodeon fans : SLAVES, FECH ME SONE NURISHMENT! Nickelodeon: A grape peeled straight from the vine your ghostly ness!( Kamp coral) An apple fresh from the tree your loveliness! (Sponge on the Run) A WATERMELON FRESH FROM THE MONUWAR FIELDS! (Rugrats reboot) (in case you dident know, this was a spongebob reference lol

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton17 ditë më parë

    i think its an alright reboot

  • ChxrryX Lovely
    ChxrryX Lovely18 ditë më parë

    Me in 2011:I am a baby and me watch Rugrats Me 2021:👁💧👄💧👁

  • MoZart Studio
    MoZart Studio19 ditë më parë

    I’ll check it out only because this was my absolute favorite show as a little kid. Shoot, every now and then I still go back and watch the first 2 movies. Only thing is... did this first look have to feel like an opening to an old ps2 game as far as acting goes? Please tell me we’re in for something better. 😔

  • • La Belle et Art •
    • La Belle et Art •20 ditë më parë

    Just found out they have recasted all of the adults. Personally am excited and curious to see this, but definitely would have been *so* much more interesting if it had the same concept but changing up the formal a little bit to where the babies are, this time literally, grown up with their own kids as the focus.

  • Earendur Von Einzbern
    Earendur Von Einzbern20 ditë më parë

    If they shove politics in this show, like they do with other reboots, i won't watch it.

  • cmndrkool321
    cmndrkool32121 ditë më parë

    I don’t remember Suzy and Angelica being so short that they’re near the same size as the babies. They were usually one head taller than them, and were seen as kids, but can walk and talk.

  • Andy Newman
    Andy Newman21 ditë më parë


  • CT S
    CT S21 ditë më parë

    I rewatched the movies and did anyone else see they were a lot taller? They were more like kids then babies and toddlers when it comes to height

  • April Bagley
    April Bagley23 ditë më parë

    But without Kimi and Dil? :-O Kimi was my favorite! :(

  • Justin Pettit
    Justin Pettit23 ditë më parë

    It doesn't look good though

  • Jose Montalvo
    Jose Montalvo24 ditë më parë

    Hopefully they bring back dil & kimi as the series progresses in time 😁

  • Dexmethylphenidate
    Dexmethylphenidate25 ditë më parë

    It’ll be better than most of their new original content. That’s why it’s needed.

  • catherine fliger
    catherine fliger25 ditë më parë

    Would of been cool to explore the rugrats as adults now and them having their own kids. Or just a new season with the OG's and same or similar animation

  • catherine fliger
    catherine fliger25 ditë më parë

    "More than 20 years" ... ummm hello its been 30 years 🙄 must not be a 90s kid

  • Steven Dolce
    Steven Dolce26 ditë më parë

    They should give Danny Phantom a revival too.

  • JetFalcon
    JetFalcon27 ditë më parë

    How they gonna do Charlotte (Angelica's mom) always on the brick 90s cell phone. In 2021 every parent is going to have a smartphone. In the 90s I think cell phones were only used by professionals and less by casual parents b/c of the cost.

  • Xenfuse
    Xenfuse28 ditë më parë

    Looks expensive..

  • Tiger And Friends
    Tiger And Friends28 ditë më parë


  • Bovine Designs
    Bovine Designs28 ditë më parë

    Ok but... Why does it look like a cutscene?

  • Isaac El justdancer
    Isaac El justdancer29 ditë më parë

    I actually think that the Spongebob before Spongebob is Animaniacs.

  • TickleTea
    TickleTeaMuaj më parë

    Hey Arnold was supposed to be rebooted season 6 was supposed to comeback with Arnold’s parents after the movie was out in 2017

  • Waelsor
    WaelsorMuaj më parë

    yay they got 3D'd too:/ what kind of pandemic is this?

  • Def Leppard
    Def LeppardMuaj më parë

    I dont like the CG

  • B H
    B HMuaj më parë

    These 3-D reboots of my childhood keep looking worse and worse

  • Ian B
    Ian BMuaj më parë

    I would have liked it better if it's centred on Tommy's chuckie's phil and lili and angelica's kids. and we could see the babies we knew as kids as adults and it will carry on very well from all Grown Up.

  • J Dizzy
    J DizzyMuaj më parë

    I wonder if they're gonna bring back all grown up

  • DeVernePersonal
    DeVernePersonalMuaj më parë

    um that looks horrible. that animation is gross.

  • Brawl of the galaxy Productions
    Brawl of the galaxy ProductionsMuaj më parë

    and now we wait for the Wild thornberrys revival and it would be SMASHING

  • xAtomicW0lfx
    xAtomicW0lfxMuaj më parë

    Idk what to think i like that the og cast is back but do we really need a reboot?

  • Inhumanick
    InhumanickMuaj më parë

    Lol. Says the guy who praises teen titans go.

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beansMuaj më parë

    The claymation/3d look is cool but the enivatable new quirky character who they will test early on will be horrible and then they’ll move away or disappear. Idk why nick makes the worst new characters, probably because it’s usually base on marketing or social media trends and not the show

  • Laufield
    LaufieldMuaj më parë

    My childhood

  • Sirbanza
    SirbanzaMuaj më parë

    Rugrats RTX on:

  • Jamal Wheat
    Jamal WheatMuaj më parë

    Rugrats reboot coming in May 23, 2021 on Paramount+

  • Katie-Kat Labrador - BlackLabsLikeRuleDog
    Katie-Kat Labrador - BlackLabsLikeRuleDogMuaj më parë

    Blue’s Clues revival? Yeah! because it’s meant for teaching preschoolers and gotta have fresh concepts for kiddos who benefit similarly!! Avatr? sure! Because we’re guarenteed new stories. But like....revivals of old shows feels stale. Like where are the other characters??

  • Mike’s flim reviews.

    Mike’s flim reviews.

    Muaj më parë

    Sometimes they have a cut a character because of political correctness.

  • ShowsomeID
    ShowsomeIDMuaj më parë

    If we are getting all of these shows they might as well just continue the bank trend and GIVE US JIMMY NUETRON

  • PURPLE GUY!!!!! !
    PURPLE GUY!!!!! !Muaj më parë

    wheres ZIM you talked about all the rivals

  • Potatogirl 278
    Potatogirl 278Muaj më parë


  • Dave W
    Dave WMuaj më parë

    Tbh I think this looks pretty nice visually, even a bit experimentally and DEFINITELY as if they really gave a darn about making it visually interesting - AND they brought back their key voice talent. Overall it doesn't necessarily feel like a bare cashgrab

  • Erika Wright
    Erika WrightMuaj më parë

    Also they had All Grown Up. So we saw them grow up in a spinoff. And they're babies again...but okay.

  • Jessee


    Muaj më parë

    All Grown Up was badly received. This is a Reboot.

    SIZLLMuaj më parë

    lmao the animation looks like it was made by Oneyng

  • Ask Brett!
    Ask Brett!Muaj më parë

    When I was a kid I loved rugrats

  • Arsenic Arachnid
    Arsenic ArachnidMuaj më parë

    Why is everything CG and 3D nowadays??

  • Dee G
    Dee GMuaj më parë

    You know, we may not need it...but most of us really LOVE living in the past. Especially with the year 2020. I am REALLY excited for these revivals because I'm the emotional nostalgia type. I cry whenever I get a bout of nostalgia. Don't you? I'm glad you are going to give it a chance, but it gives a whole new generation a chance to get somdthing wonderful.

  • kimirs16
    kimirs16Muaj më parë

    Where the F is Kimi!? 😢

  • Jessee


    Muaj më parë

    Not in it yet. Just like Dil

  • Darkening Demise
    Darkening DemiseMuaj më parë

    Looks like an early PS2 licensed game intro. Also glad Dil isn't there. 2 voice actors are not coming back too, such as Howard and Drew's voice actors.

  • Nalo Burns
    Nalo BurnsMuaj më parë

    Ehh at end of the day I am happy for it Cant wait to watch it with my newborn

  • Tails_and_Liquiir
    Tails_and_LiquiirMuaj më parë

    I think it looks great! :D But please not all grown up that sucked it wasn't terrible but flawed Just my opinion

  • Jensen Chasse
    Jensen ChasseMuaj më parë

    I actally like it

  • Ross Heaney
    Ross HeaneyMuaj më parë

    well its better then haveing new nick who knows mabye hey arnold will come back and who wouldn't want that

  • Mike’s flim reviews.

    Mike’s flim reviews.

    Muaj më parë

    Ren and Stimpy is coming back but on Comedy Central.

  • TatlTails39
    TatlTails39Muaj më parë

    You know what would've been better? A show that's simultaneously a sequel to All Grown Up, and a Rugrats Next Gen. Show me Tommy Pickles' children with Dil the fun uncle babysitter. Angelica raising a little 21st Century Girlboss. Lil not being interested in having kids but loving to help her brother raise his. Chuckie going to therapy when his wife gets pregnant because he's scared of messing up due to all of the trauma in his early childhood (played in the background but still just enough for kids to understand.) THAT would bring something new to the table, and highlight just how much society has changed when it comes to how we treat babies and toddlers from the 90s to now.

  • Dillon Ohlemiller
    Dillon OhlemillerMuaj më parë

    But it DOESNT look like the original. It looks too clean

  • That1Keyblade
    That1KeybladeMuaj më parë

    I hope Kimi shows up in season 2 I really like her character idk why everybody hates her I can’t say I’ll watch it if she never shows up I can take or leave Dill though

  • Zachary Yamashita

    Zachary Yamashita

    Muaj më parë

    Same, I like Kimi as well.

  • No-Mal
    No-MalMuaj më parë

    Nah I’m good they’re just gonna throw modern day politics, feminism, “representation” and possible LGBT elements on something that wasn’t needed.

  • Racoon studio
    Racoon studioMuaj më parë

    nick is just trying to profit on something old

  • Sarahchu
    SarahchuMuaj më parë

    I absolutely love Rugrats, but I hate this animation

  • Jeffy
    JeffyMuaj më parë

    I'm slowly starting to think Nickelodeon is going to become Disney and make life action remake movies

  • Matthew Keating
    Matthew KeatingMuaj më parë

    Idk about this....

  • plush Studios
    plush StudiosMuaj më parë

    So ur not gonna talk about big nate being in it

  • Animangafan
    AnimangafanMuaj më parë

    More 3D CGI, no thanks.

  • Linda Womack
    Linda WomackMuaj më parë

    you need to talk like a grown up instead of talking like a child! i am trying to be mean here!

  • ᴄᴀʀᴍᴇʟᴀ ᴀᴜɢᴜsᴛɪɴᴏ
    ᴄᴀʀᴍᴇʟᴀ ᴀᴜɢᴜsᴛɪɴᴏMuaj më parë

    *the fairly odd parents reboot just looks creepy*

  • Billy Sadowski
    Billy SadowskiMuaj më parë

    Why does everything need to be CGI it would look better if they just updated the drawings or even why update it if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The future feels weird just keep it how it was in 1991 but bring it back.

  • Maxx Oblivion
    Maxx OblivionMuaj më parë

    If CG is all that this going to bring, it shouldn’t have happened imo. The facial animations just look off

  • Ariel Alysse
    Ariel AlysseMuaj më parë

    I’m assuming that Dil and Kimmy will not be in the reboot.

  • emptyspotlight
    emptyspotlightMuaj më parë

    What if they remade Doug? I don't hear a lot of people talking about it back then nor now

  • Ben F Animations
    Ben F AnimationsMuaj më parë

    As a rugrats fan myself it looks promising enough

  • Tulip
    TulipMuaj më parë

    When something is not similar to the original: good but- When something is exactly the same as the original: good *but*

  • Chelsea Hamilton
    Chelsea HamiltonMuaj më parë

    They’ve forgotten the newest rugrat (known as my favorite.) Kimi.

  • Phoenix Whiler
    Phoenix WhilerMuaj më parë

    I would've loved the grown-up rugrats. I'm bored if the kid version, it was fun but it's done now.

  • Glynn Hilton
    Glynn HiltonMuaj më parë

    I am waiting for a kablam reboot

  • Andrew 525600
    Andrew 525600Muaj më parë

    I thought this got canceled...

  • EDB


    Muaj më parë

    @Andrew 525600 Yeah. Back in 2018, Nick announced that Rugrats would be getting a reboot and a live action/CGI hybrid movie. They were both scheduled to release in fall 2020. But then Nick ended up canceling the movie in late 2019. The reboot also ended up being pushed to 2021, most likely due to the pandemic and because they probably thought it'd be better to coincide with the show's 30th anniversary. I wonder if that's why they decided to make the reboot in CGI.

  • Andrew 525600

    Andrew 525600

    Muaj më parë

    @EDB *oh*

  • EDB


    Muaj më parë

    The live action/CGI movie is what got canceled.

  • Antphoneigh
    AntphoneighMuaj më parë

    CGI looks bland

  • Doughboyswag 1704
    Doughboyswag 1704Muaj më parë

    For the people complaining all I have to say is I’m not really tripping about the remakes because at the end of the day this isn’t for us anymore this is for the new children that are coming into the world it’s not like we even have enough free time to watch any of this because soon all of us will be getting jobs in finding our own house if you haven’t already but I don’t care what people say I’m looking forward to watching camp and the Rugrats reboot

  • Caleb Pepper
    Caleb PepperMuaj më parë

    It looks like the ps 1 game Rugrats in Paris. Just saying.

  • X6800
    X6800Muaj më parë

    CGI = Jello Kids

  • Shalise Shaw
    Shalise ShawMuaj më parë

    Who asked for a live action Fairly Odd Parents and Dora the Explorer show? 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 Those shows should be left alone!

  • Speedy200
    Speedy200Muaj më parë

    Ya know that Mr krabs part in the video just erase nick and put EA there cuz no love better than EA

  • Colin Gillespie
    Colin GillespieMuaj më parë

    Best show ever from Nickelodeon it came out during my Birthday in 1991.

  • Zachary Yamashita

    Zachary Yamashita

    Muaj më parë

    Same even though I was 1992.

  • goodie mc scramble
    goodie mc scrambleMuaj më parë

    Rugrats *is now turned into a 3D animation*

  • Henry Merwin
    Henry MerwinMuaj më parë

    why god why

  • Kevin Martinez Evora (Student)
    Kevin Martinez Evora (Student)Muaj më parë

    I Think RugRats newest version is 3D the older show kinda look like 2D

  • Avalanche TV
    Avalanche TVMuaj më parë

    It looks like a Surreal Entertainment parody.

  • Jason T Scott-West
    Jason T Scott-WestMuaj më parë

    I cannot get past that horrible CGI design.

  • Heather LaPlant
    Heather LaPlantMuaj më parë

    Did anyone ever play the video game Rugrats Royal Ransom back in the early 2000s? That's what this animation reminds me of. I will say that was a really fun game!

  • EDB


    Muaj më parë

    Really? You're comparing the reboot's animation to the animation of a game that came out almost 20 years ago? That's not a very good comparison. That game's animation has definitely aged. I'd say the animation of this reboot kind of reminds me of the Peanuts Movie.

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu LeaderMuaj më parë

    I want an adult sitcom with the parents before having kids

  • tinfection
    tinfectionMuaj më parë

    in 200,000,000 years we’ll have a spongebob revival

  • Attmay
    AttmayMuaj më parë

    Nickelodeon has become an animated Nick@Nite.

  • Your narrator
    Your narratorMuaj më parë

    Rug rats! Tom and Jerry anamanics pinky and the brain dora fairy odd parents i wish ren and Stimpy :( and avatar i miss the 90s

  • leekalor
    leekalorMuaj më parë

    People do this when a youtuber has an opinion you switch your opinion to theirs if you truly disagree you dont switch opinions because its more popular you think your self

  • Hello Everyone
    Hello EveryoneMuaj më parë

    Why can’t they just keep the same animation?

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