What Makes MONSTER a Master of Suspense?


Johan Liebert faces off against Dr. Kenzo Tenma in Naoki Urasawa's series MONSTER. It's often viewed as one of the greatest pieces of Japanese works to all who experience it, but how? One of the biggest reasons for its masterful storytelling lies in the suspense.
Johan Liebert is one of the greatest antagonists in anime and manga. His introduction was incredibly suspenseful, kicking off the thrilling journey in future Monster episodes. Combine that with the dangerous situations surrounding Dr. Tenma and other characters, and this results in a brilliantly written story that only Naoki Urasawa could pull off.
0:00 What is Monster?
1:58 Johan Liebert's introduction
2:55 Early suspense in Monster
6:05 The perfect scene
10:43 Conclusion
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    thank you for trying something different, this is one of my favorite series and it's criminally underviewed in favor of more conventional suspense stories. its nice to hear someone praise it in 2021. naoki is a national treasure in japan but here he's unknown. would you consider doing a video about osamu tezuka's adult manga and their influence? im sure that they would impress you in a similar way. I recommend black jack to begin

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    I have to agree this is the greatest suspenseful anime manga ever because it's realistic and the fact that you know these characters can die at a moment's notice and the main villain is a pretty interesting one at that the real themes of the series elevator this anime to one of the best of all time

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